This document gives the overview of all the available documentation for Modelina.

The Processing

Contains information how the internals of the processing works.

This document contains all the information you need to understand the internal meta model and processes.


Contains all the information you need to contribute to this project.


Contains simple use-cases that you'll encounter when using Modelina.


Contains many of the advanced use-cases that you may stumble upon when pushing the limits of Modelina.


Contains many advanced ways to integrate Modelina (i.e. websites).


Explains how to setup the project for development.


Details which different generator options are supported.


Goes more in-depth into how the preset system works, which enables full customization of generators.

Interpretation of JSON Schema

Explains how a JSON Schema is interpreted to a data model.


As time goes on, major versions are inevitable and expected! You can find the migration guides here.

Coming from other tools

Contains specific information about the differences between a lot of other common model generation tools.

API Documentation

No one wants to read the code to find information about it, instead use the /apidocs page on the website to find what you are looking for!


Each language has its own limitations, corner cases, and features; thus, each language has separate documentation.